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bridal make-up in north london: Why great communication is essential

Being the best bridal make-up artist is not just about how things look. My services sell themselves from the pictures of radiant brides and gorgeous prom nights, but the key to being a great make-up artist is good communication.

Yes, its all about what I say, or I don’t say; what you say, or you don’t say.

What do I Mean?

Let’s say you are a bride and you are looking for a wedding make-up artist in North London.

How do you go about finding the right wedding make-up artist for you?. Its all about the communication and how you connect.

Many brides, if they don’t already have someone in mind, will start with word of mouth recommendation, perhaps from friends or from social media.

When my name gets mentioned on a social media post, if I’ve been tagged I respond quickly. If the bride contacts me directly by message, email or phone, I return her message within a few hours at most. This sets the tone for our future communications.

So, what comes next?

The Phone Consultation

During this chat you can tell me your initial ideas and I will ask you some detailed questions about what you are looking for. This helps us to get to know each other and me to understand how I can best meet your needs. It’s also possible to do this face-to-face if you prefer, but most clients find a phone consultation at this stage is more convenient.

We’ll talk about the look you usually go for and what you want to achieve for your wedding make-up. We’ll discuss your skin type, current skin care regime and any problem areas. If you need ideas, I can send you bridal make-up photos to look at to help develop and refine your thoughts.

Without this detailed communication, it would be easy for you to end up with a look that isn’t right for you, or products which don’t suit your skin.

The Bridal Make-Up Trial

The next step is the bridal trial. You’ll come to my studio in Winchmore Hill and we will work together, trying out different products and application techniques to achieve your desired look. Throughout the trial, we’ll talk about what’s working and what might need tweaking for the big day.

Between the trial and the wedding day, we will keep in contact in case anything changes with your skin and I can purchase top up lipstick/powder for you to use on the wedding day, taking the stress out of your wedding day touch-ups if you wish.

Nailing down the details

Before the wedding, you’ll receive written confirmation of the agreed bridal party numbers, as I can also do makeup for bridesmaids, maid of honour, brides mum, mother-in-law and anyone else in the bridal party. Bridal party members can also have a trial if they wish or I can work from pictures and a phone consultation to arrive at the desired look.

We will also work closely together on timings for the makeup on the wedding day based on everyone’s availability. Often this part can take a fair amount of communication if things start changing in the wedding day timetable.

You’ll be able to access me via telephone, email, What’s App and FB messenger from the point you book the trial until the wedding day.

The wedding day

Your makeup application on the day will be easy and stress free because I spend at least 2 hours beforehand preparing all the tools and cosmetics into individual boxes for each person, so I know exactly what to use, in what order and there’s no time wasted looking for the right items. I’ll also make sure you have your touch-up items such as lipstick and powder.

Throughout the process from initial consultation to the big day itself, there are many conversations to make sure everyone is clear on the service I will provide and to make any alterations to the plan if things move around. Through consistent and clear communications, I can reduce any stress and meet your expectations.

I am happy for all brides to contact me multiple times to ensure that you look and feel amazing on your special day.

At Studio Couture, your perfection is our passion.

To book your initial consultation, call Peghe on 07711 423793 or email

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