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Updated: Dec 9, 2019


Would you sleep in a hotel room that was not cleaned prior to your arrival?

Would you eat from a fork that had already been used in a restaurant?

Just imagine for a few minutes, a makeup artist and her entire kit can come into contact with hundreds of faces yearly....which translates into each application coming into contact with saliva, tears, tear ducts, dead skin cells and so forth...

If improper sanitation is done with the pallets and tools then it can potentially open you to contracting anything from colds to cold sores  to flu or eye infections etc  

It is paramount to make sure your artist is not double dipping...this means she/he should have a clean spatula to take out product with, disposable applicator for mascaras, eyebrows, lipgloss, sponges etc (to this day I get asked why am I using disposable mascara wands.....aaaaaaahhhh.... to protect you of course!l)

Any substance that has a creamy consistency such as creamy concealers, lipsticks that have been melted down and placed in pallets, cream blushes etc must be picked up with a clean spatula, not even their finger should be dipping in to this substance, as if that finger then goes onto your face and then the finger goes back in to get more, you've contaminated that entire pallet and it needs to be thrown away.

Another no no is don't allow your artist to put products on the back of their hand either, not hygienic in the slightest...

So I think if you don't see any kind of disposables in sight then you have every right to leave, we have enough training and experience to know that we need these tools on any job, yes they cost, but it's for the health and safety of our client, (unfortunately our industry is not regulated) or else we put our clients at risk to be in contact with mucous membranes.

This is the major difference between a true professional and a budget artist (there are so many of these out there, quoting silly £££) ask any professional MUA and they can give you on the spot a rundown of their sanitation process (I myself run through my sanitation process with every new client as they don't know me and explain ti them in detail what I do and why).

Peghe Kakolyris-Yianni

Studio couture By PK

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